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Bookkeeping with accrual accounting/Faktureringsmetoden på engelska

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There are a few different steps to bookeeping with the billing method. We have split it up between the two core parts of the program: Kommande betalningar (your accounts payable/Leverantörsfakturor) and bankkontohändelser (Bank account transactions).

Accounts payable/Kommande betalningar

This is where your future payments will appear.

1: Put the invoice/faktura up for payment in your bank. Once you transfer your transactions list through mob. bankID, these upcoming payments will appear below the headline Kommande betalningar. These upcoming payments will have a type: L. This means that the will be booked as a leverantörsfaktura (account payable) against the account 2440 Leverantörsskulder in the background.

2: Set the date under “Bokföringsdatum” (booking date) to the date that the bill is sent to you. You are able to see when it was sent on your bill.

3: Choose your account under “konto”. This is the account where this business transaction will be booked. There will also be a VAT-code to calculate the VAT that is set on the bill. This code will be shown under “moms”.

4: Click OK. This will register the transaction as booked, and will move the transaction to your verifications list, where you can see what you’ve registered in your bookkeeping so far. You can find this report under Bokföring > Fler Rapporter > Verifikationslista.

5: Once the payments has gone out from your bank, you’ll receive an outgoing payments journal. This will appear on the top part of your screen. Once you’ve approved the journal, your accounts payable account will be reset, and the program will register the debt as reset.

On some occasions, your upcoming payments may not show under kommande betalningar. This will be the case if the transaction isn’t booked until the payment has been sent out from your bank. That payment will then appear under Bankkontohändelser. If this happens, you may have to change the type of the payment. Make sure that “Typ” says L.


Bankkontohändelser/Bank account transactions

Once you’ve received money, or made a payment to for example the tax office, they will appear as a bank transaction, with a type set as B. This means that instead of 2440, the account used will be 1930, which in your books is your bank account. In most cases, you choose the account that you wish to use that certain transaction. For the invoices you send out in the future however, there is a bit of a different method.

1: Create your invoice in the program. Set the revenue account that you wish to have on the invoice when you create an article for that product.

2: Go to Bokföring > Fler konteringsval > Bokför kundfakturor. All of the invoices that you’ve created in the program and that you have locked (Låst) will appear in this menu. This menu will also include booking suggestions for each invoice, in accordance to what you’ve set up when you created your invoice. If you click on an invoice, you’ll be able to see how it will be booked. It’s here that the VAT for your invoices will be booked as well. It’s also in this menu that you’ll be able to change the account the invoice will be booked on.

3: Click “bokför kundfakturor” (book invoices).

4: The payments for your invoices will appear under bankkontohändelser. In order to mark an invoice as payed, select “mot faktura” (against invoice) under “konto” in the autokontering. You will then be able to click “välj faktura” to the far right. Once you click that button, your invoices will appear in a list. Select which invoice the payment stems from, and you’ll match the invoice against that certain payment.

You’re also able to select multiple invoices if there are more than one payment in the same transaction.

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